The S.A.G.E. Sportsmanship Policy

The Mission:

To remind us that the game is for the kids, that respect for others is a lesson we can help teach, and that setting a good example is more important than winning.

Monmouth United Soccer Club is committed to good sportsmanship and appropriate conduct to make youth sports a positive experience which helps build self-esteem and promotes respect by and for everyone.

Therefore, poor sportsmanship, including, but not limited to, loud and/or negative, critizing or other inappropriate behavior towards any coach, referee, player or spectator will not be tolerated and will be handled in the following manner:

Verbal Warning:

Verbal warning from Referee - "Relax and enjoy the game"

First Offense:

Yellow card to Coach as or on behalf of offender, and incident with offender will be recorded with MUSC Board

Second Offense:

Two (2) game suspension to Coach and/or offender

Third Offense:

If offender is a Coach - No longer permitted to Coach for MUSC;

If offender is a Player - No longe permitted to play for MUSC;

If offender is a Spectator - No longer permitted to be a spectator at any MUSC games

Points to Remember:

If you have anything to say, say something positive or don’t say it at all.  Any negative or critical comment can be made at the appropriate time and place, but not at the fields and not in  the presence of the kids.

If an attempt in a calm and positive tone does not bring a positive response immediately, do not proceed and get into an argument.  At no time should a coach, referee, player or spectator confront a person acting in a negatie emotional manner.


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